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A Beginner’s Guide to Pool Maintenance

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A pool is a very useful amenity to have at home, especially during summer months. However, despite the joys it brings to families, maintaining it is usually difficult for some people. If you neglect taking care of it, the water will slowly start to turn green, develop a foul smell and eventually become unsafe to use. Some simple beginner tips you can use to make the swimming pool cleaner include;


Vacuum the surfaces and floors to remove dirt, algae and debris that may have collected overtime. In addition to vacuuming, you should scrub the floors and surfaces to remove any tough stains or debris. The water should also be decontaminated once a week and the floating debris should be removed by a skimmer with a long handle.

Maintaining the correct water level

The level may fluctuate due to rainstorms, kids doing cannonballs and leakages among other reasons. If it fluctuates beyond the correct level, the water’s chemical balance may be disrupted. You can increase the volume of water using a garden hose.

Wash the filter

You need to remove debris from the filter to prevent the water from smelling bad and keep the drain from getting clogged. You should also perform backwash to remove debris from your filter at least once a month. Backwashing refers to reversing water backwards through the filter to flush out any stuck debris.

Monitor the water chemistry

Homeowners should always check on the water chemistry and ensure it is at the appropriate levels. For instance, you can check the acidity of the water using a strip test.

Shock the water

Shocking is the act of increasing the concentration of chlorine in water temporarily to kill germs and bacteria. Shocking should not be done too often as it can make the water corrosive. When it becomes corrosive it can destroy your tools and equipment. It should be conducted at least twice per season.

Using a tennis ball

A tennis ball gets rid of oils in the water. Oils can come from sweat, suntan lotions, hair oils and body oils among others. When you throw a tennis ball into the water, the fibres will absorb the oils and leave you with pure water.

Monitor Chlorine level

Chlorine is a common sanitising method. However, the chlorine levels must be monitored. If the concentration of chlorine in water becomes too much, it may start to irritate your skin or cause a burning sensation in your eyes. Moreover, the water will smell bad.

If you implement these simple maintenance tips, you will be able to enjoy using fresh water throughout all the seasons. Maintenance removes bacteria and debris from the water. It also reduces the risk of falling sick and ensures the water is safe for use.

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