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Kubota Enhances Heavy Machine Line Up

  • Written by Anna Melnikova

Leading Manufacturer Kubota Releases Latest Skid Steer and Excavator Line-up into Target Markets

Kubota’s latest heavy machines have been packed with performance features that take construction machinery to new heights. Kubota unleashed the SCL1000 stand on track loader which is fitted with a wide 9.8-inch track for the 36-inch machine with a significantly powerful engine (24.8 horsepower turbo diesel engine) along with the SSV65 and SSV75 Skid Steer series and the Kubota KX030 mini excavator.

These machines are capable of handling the toughest of tasks and also capable of handling tasks in difficult or tough project environments.

According to Kubota’s construction equipment product marketing director Paul Manger, Kubota held the top position for compact excavators in terms of sales volume for a decade due to their machinery design concepts. The success factors from our excavators have been channelled into our skid steer loaders, particularly into the SSV65 and SSV75.

Among the most dominant feature of these two wheeled loaders include shock less ride that allow the machine to bounce using the hydraulic accumulators when crossing over rough terrain.

Apart from that, the technologies that have been introduced in Kubota excavators such as hydraulic quick couplers have also been installed in these machines and currently they are able to perform almost any task using a variety of attachments. The difference between the SSV65 and the SSV75 is the size, power and lift capacity. The SSV65 manages a lift capacity of up to 3,900 pounds whereas the SSV75 manages approximately 5,400 pounds.

The SSV 65 hides a 64HP engine under its hood and the SSV 75 hold a 75 HP engine under its hood. The design of the machines is based on practicality, for instance when the back of the hood is opened, operators have access to the engine and control measures easily as the engine is mounted in horizontally.

Kubota's excavators especially within the mini excavator category have dominated the market not just in Australia, Europe and North America, but also in most Asian countries. Much of this success with Kubota mini excavators is attributed to the manufacturer’s implementation of advanced features and capabilities that few other manufacturers have on their versions of mini excavators. For instance, among the top notch mini excavators from Kubota include the all popular Kubota U17-3 mini excavator rental which despite an operating weight of 1700 KGs and an engine output of just 13HP, the machine is able to take on almost any urban projects within its capacity and perform just about any task that bigger excavators are able to perform – only in smaller portions.

The slightly bigger U30 on the other hand is a brilliantly designed machine that most project managers agree is the best of the best that bridges the gap between standard size and mini excavator. This basically means that the U30 mini excavator is capable of doing both what standard excavators are capable of and what mini excavators are capable of equally well. The developments from Kubota have led towards a revolution among the heavy machine industry competitors especially within the spectrum of the construction and the mining industry.

The future of these industries as indicated by however Kubota’s according to product marketing director Paul Manger is poised towards the EV (electric vehicle) segment and the autonomous components that are being included into these machines that will eventually change everything. This is among the primary reasons that over the last decade, collaborations between commercial vehicle manufacturers and heavy machine manufacturers have increased significantly.

Electric powered heavy machines would play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint of these major manufacturers and give them an added advantage in relation to their competitors. 

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