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Top Coffee Shops in Melbourne

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Do you feel your eyes drooping with sleep until you get a caffeine kick? No matter where in the world you are, the addiction to coffee follows in your footsteps. However, you can satisfy your coffee addiction in Melbourne because it has spectacular coffee shops. Here are some coffee shops in Melbourne:

Seven seeds

Seven Seeds is one of the best coffee shops in Melbourne. They offer different kinds of coffees to suit people’s preferences. The quality of coffee is perfect for people who love rich coffee that blends into their mouths. The coffee shop owner is the same as ST ALi, so the beverages are high-quality. It is situated in Carlton and sources its coffees worldwide to give its customers the most experience. You can also have light snacks and coffee; the menu is fundamental.

Wide Open Road

Wide Open Road is one of the simpler cafés in town with good food and a wide selection of coffees. It is a perfect spot to make a quick pit stop to indulge in snacks. The whole café has an industrial vibe as it is upgraded into a modern style. Initially, it was an older property that dates back to the 1950s. One of the specialties of the restaurant is black coffee. If you want a serene atmosphere and a breathtaking view from the café, Wide Open Road is ideal as you can see the roaster in action.

Market Lane Café

Market Lane roastery and café is another favorite coffee place for most Melbourne people. It is located in Prahran Market and has another outlet in Queen Victoria Market. Both areas are super busy and filled with locals. What we love best about this café is that you get the best pour-over and espresso coffees along with a few bakery items. You can treat yourself to breakfast in the café as it has a variety of deli items, muesli, pastries, etc. Also, you can search for the best online casino and try your luck in the café as well.

Auction Rooms

If you are a tourist in Melbourne and looking for picture-worthy spots and cafes, you must visit Auction Rooms. It is a boutique-style café that was originally an auction house. It is a post-industrial space with a touch of vintage and modern elements. Plus, you can sit outside on a bright morning and have a delicious breakfast and the finest coffee.

Melbourne is ideal for people who want to go sightseeing and indulge in budget-friendly activities. Also, the beauty of Melbourne alleviates further due to beautiful cafes and fine meals. We are sure you will enjoy your meals at one of these cafes and go back for more.

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